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The in.Spira Group s.r.o. is since its foundation in 2007 increasingly aware of the complexity of design work that ensures a client current high demands in a whole range of disciplines. Therefore, be in the studio, there was created a complete background for processing of a demanding project documentation consisting mainly in:
- created team of profesional co-workers
- in linking design and implemetation activities within the in.Spira Group where the implement company AMA invest is a part of it - this linking is fundamental and significantly separates our work from a purely design studios. The ties of planners on implementation have increased as they are the active part and not only participants and supervisors during realization by a different company
- in compliance with strict project management practices based on team architects
- in using of new ways of display and modelling 
- in using of progresive and high quality equipment as in the company or in cooperation with ČVUT - FA for example
- in cooperation with judge advocates in each areas and cooperation on professional opinions with legislators
-  in case of selected supplies also in verification of prescribed procedures and technologies in own realization (in.Spira Group)
These challenging and specialized tasks would not be posible to complete without a professional team of co-workers, compliance with prescribed procedures of managing of projects or using of new ways of display and modelling.


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