The customers’ centre Hochtief, Prague

A realized interior of a centre for selling flats Hochtief, Prague - Smíchov. The complex space is left by the project in an expressively cruder appearance, the face concrete with the distribution on the ceiling, concrete pillars. Inside it, it is then creating gentle fog of the pure white, partly as a border of the boardroom and partly as a staffer workplace with the reception at the head.

Action: The customers' centre of the company HOCHTIEF CZ, Plzeňská 16, Prague 5
Client: HOCHTIEF CZ, Ing. Jan Koláčný
Author: Ing. Arch. Karel Veselý (done under AMA invest)
Cooperation: Ing. Karol Böhm, Ing. Arch. Iva Veselá, Ing. Arch. Klára Fisherová Realization: AMA invest s.r.o.. Ing. Dominik Pola, Ing. Arch. Karel Veselý
Subsuppliers: glass- Profisklo s.r.o.; white sheetings, locksmith's products- Barrisol s.r.o.; air conditioning- Airtechnic s.r.o.; elektro, lights - HOCHTIEF CZ a.s.; glass accessory- Skleněný svět s.r.o. ; plast. Chairs - Kartell (Konsepti s.r.o.)



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