Residential group - Újezd nad Lesy

 The design presents an urban-architectural concept of development of nine vila-houses on an area larger than 15.000 m2. Villa-houses offer a very quality living and they are situated into an elaborate parterre which combines public and private zones with many forms of greenery. 

In one of the villa-houses are situated 8 flat units from 49 m2 to 83 m2 large. The parking will be ensured combined in the building and in exterior space. Villa-houses are in scale and mass designed in context of the existing development of villas.

Place: Újezd nad Lesy
Investor: soukromý subjekt
Author: Ing. arch. Karel Veselý
Cooperation: Ing. Miroslav Jírový
Stage: studie, DUR
Date: September 2010
Investment costs: 113 mil. Kč


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