Renovation of shopping centre Černošice

 The existing single-storey shopping centre dates from shortly before 1989 which corresponds to its appearance and scale. The aim of this design was to change the building into a smaller scale - division in expression to three masses (middle on the principle of risalit) with separating strips of climbing greenery on the fasade. Furthermore, both storeys will be connected by a fasade from brickwork which will complement the space with a dominant Boleto. The upper storey will be in the plane of the fasade divided into smaller parts each slightly rotated and setting into the interior of the building and creating an interesting architectural element. The roof will be done as green (grass) with a renewed mark of the mass segmentation by glass strips.


Action: Renovation of the shopping centre, Černošice
Client: private person
Author: in.Spira, Ing. arch. Karel Veselý
Building part: Ing. Pavel Hecht
Estimated costs: unknown

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