Commercial and residential complex Pražačka, Prague 2

 Commercial and residential complex Pražačka will represent a significant investment in the area, from the financial point of view but also and especially from the urban-architectural. In the close neighbourhood represents an architecturally quality dominant a building of Čsl.rozhlas, but it is not a contemporary architecture contribution yet. For the territory by the sport centre Pražačka there was processed a volume study with the intention to build an atractive complex which would ensure mainly comercial activities with additional residential and other activities. The concept was based on principles of ecological and inteligent operation that would be significant by its very low energy consumption and use of natural physical principles.

Action: Commercial and residential complex Pražačka

Client: IKP Consulting Engineers, s r.o. for Městská část Praha 3
Author: Karel Veselý, Martin Oliva (Oliva design)
Cooperation: Petr Ježek, Renáta Slavětínská, Kateřina Servítová
Estimated costs (2008): 409.000.000 CZK

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