Stores Exasoft

  Electronics are goods which develops really rapidly and changes. For our everyday life it represents our technical base. The design of the retail space presents in this sence a specific task - combine natural technicist basis which is natural for this type of sale and kindness of the appearance which is the key for positive mass adoption of the shop.  Simultaneously it should be a timeless space that will suffice the rate of the rapid development of design of each product. The essential is to offer something new, something that other shops do not have - that represents in our design so-called "magnets" which essentially serve as an element that attracts the customer into the store.

On the main visualization there is a listening box for the selection of HiFi components. On the sides and cover of the box there are used acustic panels with a maximum attenuation of the sound (it is achieved by this an extremly quality listening of the reproduced music) which are lightened from the interior of the cassettes by red lamps.

Action: Design style and interior of stores Exasoft
Client: ExaSoft Czech a.s.
Author: in.Spira, Ing. arch. Karel Veselý
Cooperation: Ing. arch. Zuzana Tlachová, Bc. Stanislav Bažant, Ing. Karol Böhm
Estimated costs (2011): 6 mil. CZK


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