Logo and graphics for the Retirement house TGM - Beroun



Newly built Retirement house in Beroun, where we designed a complete interior equipment, was named after our first president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. For the selection of a processor of a final logo and accompanying graphics we submitted our idea of the logo and then after the final selection we completed the design. Our advantage was an absolute harmony with the intention to name the Home for Aged after this man. The aim was to create a logo in modern style but also clearly understandable and to use the president´s famous poses and known accessories of Legionnaires hat and glasses.

During the preparation of fire alarm regulations and evacuations plans we tried to create from these formal and for everyday life hardly useable signs a functional ones, especially for visitors as orientation signs. And that is all in one - so in the common parts of the building are not necessary other signs.

Web presentation of House for Aged TGM, where is also our logo used:


 Action: Logo and accompanying graphics for DS TGM in Beroun
(business cards, letterhead, signs,information system of the building, emergency guidelines...) 
Client: Domov seniorů Beroun, příspěvková organizace, represented by Ondřej Šimon
Author: in.Spira, Ing. arch. Karel Veselý




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