Family house in Prague

 At projects of family houses we always introduce to a client, if he is interested in that theme, the posibilities of saving of energy and principles of gentle approach to resources and environment in a broader sense. It is then joy if that meets with a positive response. Moreover this approach does not have to mean so great limitation of interior space and its standards that proves also this project. 

We agreed with the client that the photos of the exterior will be presented subsequently. 


Action: Family house in Prague

Client: soukromá osoba
Author: in.Spira, Ing. arch. Karel Veselý, Ing. arch. Martin Oliva
Cooperation: Ing. arch. Magdaléna Bodláková
Cooperation - visualization: Ing. arch. Stanislav Bažant, Ing. arch. Tomáš Pokorný
Estimated costs (2013): 21 mil. CZK

Currently the construction is in progress.

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