Reconstruction of USTR

 The architectural design of the reconstruction of the building of USTR (Institute for the study of totalitarian regimes) at Žižkov is based on the composition of the hillside with the opposite Dům odborových svazů (DOS) and VŠE. It lets to trail off the white mass of the functionalist building of DOS by architects Karel Honzík and Josef Havlíček and also presents a form of representative institute which resides there.

The new fasade is designed to be combined - a fasade rastr system with pressure and cover profiles and sandwich ceramic fasade. In a limited extent occures structural joints on the fasade. Already in the style of our design studio the greenery is composed in the fasade in the form of openings in the attic of the low wing which presents a counterbalance to the slope gradient and where the containers with greenery are used with the irrigation system. A part of the building will be a significant frame for the flags of Czech republic and European Union - this place for flags is not solved just for utility but it creates a significant architectural moment.


Action: Reconstruction of the building of USTR, Prague 
Client: representative of the investor: Ing. Jiří Koubek, at an earlier stage Ing. Jana Vohralíková
Author: in.Spira, Ing. arch. Karel Veselý
Building part: Ing. arch. Magdaléna Bodláková, Ing. arch. Karel Veselý, Ing. Milan Šívr (fasade),  Doc. Ing. Ladislav Votlučka, CSc. (statics), Ing. Libor Koubek (waterproofing solution)
Estimated costs (2014): unknown (will be listed after announcement of the winner of the tender for a contractor)

Currently discusses subsidies.

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